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Cottage rental insurance

Cottage rental insurance fire


It is very important that you have the correct insurance policy to cover your cottage rental property.  Your cottage is a big investment and you have members of the public using the property.  As such it’s so important that you get the right cover.

In addition to the normal elements of a home insurance policy you need to make sure it will cover your liabilities as the landlord e.g. if a holiday maker is hurt whilst at your cottage and decides to sue you.

You will also need to tell the insurance company the type of letting you do and other important things that are specific to this type of insurance.  Do not skimp on the cover and never lie or be economocial with the truth as it could cost you dearly if they decline a claim because you have not told them anything.

As with all insurance compare different policies and shop around for the best deal for your cottage rental insurance.  Compare holiday home insurance now